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Providing the much-needed capital to businesses

Pine Labs Merchants Success Stories: Anand Telecom


A thriving mobile phones and accessories dealer

Anand Telecom started in 2015 in Amritsar. It operates in the mobiles and accessory business, and sells an extensive range of mobile phones and accessories. Over the last few years, the company has scaled up well. They have aggressive expansion plans and are working on opening a new store soon.


Facing a Working Capital crunch for business expansion

Anand Telecom had grown considerably over the last few years. However, it was facing a credit deficit and needed working capital so it can add on to its existing inventory, and in turn earn more. The core challenge was insufficient capital for business expansion.

"It has been a great working association with Pine Labs...It has helped us fast track our expansion plans."

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Vikas Anand,

Owner- Anand Telecom

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Quick disbursement of a collateral-free loan delighted our client

Pine Labs Capital was the perfect answer to Anand Telecom's problem. It offered quick and collateral free loan, in line with the requirements of Anand Telecom. Additionally, the working capital loan had easy repayment options and good interest rates.

Pine Labs Capital loan application process is very simple. The customer can apply for business loan via the Pine Labs website or the myPlutus app. With a pre-approved loan of 50,000 - 1 crore available for them, the customer can invest more money into the business, and generate bigger returns.

"It has been a great working association with Pine Labs. They have extended all possible support to us to help grow our business. Pine Labs Capital is a simple and quick way to get working capital loans. It has helped us fast track our expansion plans. We are thankful for the support extended by the Pine Labs team."


Store expansion is no longer a hurdle for Anand Telecom

Anand Telecom has been able to continue with its plan to open its new store, as its problem of working capital requirement has been resolved by Pine Labs.

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