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1. How can I pay the monthly rental?

You can pay via cheque or register for ACH. Alternatively, you can use this link to pay the monthly rental. via

2. What is the use of the myPlutus app?

Using the myPlutus app, retailers can check the details of transactions done on PoS, calculate EMIs, apply for a business loan, unlock rich customer insights, and raise a complaint/ query/ request related to PoS, if any.

3. How can I get information about the available brand/EMI offers on my PoS?

You can use the Catalog by Pine Labs app to get the information or visit

4. Do I have to pay any charges if there is any physical damage to PoS or peripheral?

Yes, you need to pay the charges per the cost of the damaged part. You may contact our helpdesk to know the charges of the parts.

5. How can I get additional VAS services activated?

You need to raise a request on our helpline number – 0120-4033600 and write to

6. Can I accept an AMEX card on my PoS?

You require AMEX TID to process AMEX card transactions.

7. Do I have to pay extra cost for PoS paper rolls?

You do not need to pay any extra charges for PoS paper rolls.

8. How can I get paper rolls for my PoS?

You can raise a request on our helpdesk through IVR/ email/ myPlutus app.

9. Do I need to settle the batch to receive the payment?

Yes, it is necessary to settle the batch at the end of the day. If you fail to settle the batch in 24 hours, acquiring bank may charge late batch settlement charges.

10. Does Pine Labs provide customer support?

Yes, we have a dedicated customer support team ready to assist you on Sundays and holidays. If you have any device-related or general queries, please call us on 1800-258-6609 or +91 120-4033600 or email us at

11. What do I need to do if I want to surrender/ uninstall my PoS?

We are sorry to hear that and would like to know what went wrong. Please feel free to share your contact details and concerns on, and one of our customer support executives will connect with you for further assistance. As a valued customer of Pine Labs, you can avail of other alternate products, services and features which may be of your interest.

1. What do I do if the amount is debited from the customer’s card but the charge slip is not issued?

This scenario comes under reversal transaction where the same amount automatically gets reversed to the same account as the original transaction.

Below are the conditions:

  • When a receipt does not get printed, after a transaction is completed successfully or when the transaction gets interrupted while in process. For example, if the device cable gets loose, the device gets switched off, or there is a connectivity issue due to a weak GPRS network /internet connection
  • If the bank fails to send back the response of a transaction in the stipulated time

To check the status of the transaction or reversal, please print the receipt with the last transaction status

2. Can I route my transactions to different banks according to the card swiped or according to date and time?

Yes, Plutus Terminal can route transactions to different banks according to the rule configured. This process is maintained at the backend, and to enable this process, the user needs to raise a request to Pine Labs helpdesk.

3. When can we void the transaction?

It can be voided before the batch settlement. Once the batch has been settled, the transaction cannot be voided.

4. What do the following messages/errors shown on EDC denote?

Contact VI

IDBI, UBI and Axis: This message appears on the device when Axis, UBI/IDBI TID is deactivated. The merchant needs to contact the respective bank to activate the TID.

Please call referral

This message denotes a card issue. The customer needs to contact the respective issuer bank to solve the issue.

A problem in feeding input to rule processor

This message appears on the device when the Rule File either mismatches or the system is unable to read it. Please follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps: Main User Menu->Activate->Settle Batch

Call issuer/Call help CC

This message denotes a card issue. The customer needs to contact the respective bank to solve the issue.

Invalid order ID (only for Instakart merchant)

Order ID punched against a particular order is incorrect. The merchant needs to contact the Head Office/his billing application team for the correct order ID.

Invalid channel

DMS code is wrongly mapped/ not mapped, or the IMEI provided does not belong to the store. The merchant needs to contact the particular OEM/brand for the same.

Insufficient fund

There is a card issue, or the customer has insufficient funds on the card. The customer needs to contact the respective bank to solve the issue.

Store not allowed for affordability sale

Merchant needs to contact with OEM (Apple ).

Maximum transaction exceeded

Exceeded the maximum transaction limit allowed. The customer needs to contact the respective bank to solve the issue.

Alert irruption

This message means that the device OS has been corrupted due to improper handling and cannot be used to accept transactions. If you receive this message, you need to replace the device immediately. For example, if the EDC machine gets dropped and the device driver crashes, this message may appear. Please call the customer support helpdesk in case this message appears on your device.

No response received from the host

This message reflects when an online request packet is sent to the host (acquirer bank) by HUB, but the host’s response is not received.

Could not connect to acquirer host

This message reflects when a client’s request cannot reach the bank switch. This problem occurs when there is a connectivity issue with the bank.

Reversal transaction pending

This message is displayed when there is a reversal existing on the terminal ID, and the reversal packet could not be uploaded to the bank. Here, you need to contact us on our customer care number – 0120-4033600 or write us on our email id –


This message appears when a transaction has been processed successfully.


This message appears when a transaction gets declined by the bank due to any reason.

An acquirer could not be found

This message appears when the selected acquirer cannot be found. The probable reason for occurrence may be:

  • Problem with the rule file
  • Bank TID not configured for the default bank present in the rule file
  • Card range for that acquirer is not present in the card range sample file in HUB

Resolution - Here, you need to contact us on our customer care number – 0120-4033600 or write us on our email id –

Transaction not allowed

If an attempt is made to complete a transaction that is not supposed to happen, HUB poses some restriction over that particular transaction. For example, when attempting to process a void request for any debit transaction, this message will be displayed.

Transaction incomplete. Additional information required

This message appears when attempting to transact with incomplete information. For example, if we provide a wrong transaction ID for reprint or void, this message will reflect.

Card range unavailable

This message gets displayed when:

  • Bank TID is not correctly initialised, and the card range is not populated from the bank
  • The acquirer does not support the selected card

Invalid hardware ID or serial number

This message displays Plutus Smart when during activation, any incorrect H/W Serial Number is entered (in case of PC Central) or if the activation IP and port are entered incorrectly. Please call the customer support helpdesk if this message appears.

Key exchange failed

This message shows on the device when the keys on TID are not correctly mapped. Please call the customer support helpdesk if this message appears.

Batch partially settled

On batch settlement, if the TID present in the PoS is not settled, Plutus EDC displays this message. Retry batch settlement if this message appears. In case it is not resolved, you need to contact us on our customer care number – 0120-4033600 or write us on our email id –

Invalid Txn ID

For standalone transactions on Plutus Smart, this error message displays when an incorrect transaction ID is entered to process the transaction. This message displays transactions like a void, tip, and completion of the sale.

1. Do I need to pay any extra charges for hardware update/ VAS services?

Yes, the charges depend on the VAS services you wish to get activated. In the case of a hardware update, charges depend on the model type. To get detailed information on our services and additional charges, please contact us on our helpline.

2. Which currencies are accepted for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)?

DCC by Pine Labs DCC supports a wide range of currencies, including US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Yen, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar and Thai Baht, to name a few.

3. Which mobile wallets are integrated with the Pine Labs PoS terminal?

The Pine Labs POS terminal is integrated with leading mobile wallets, including Google Pay, PayZapp, FreeCharge, Airtel Payments Bank, and PhonePe.

4. What is the best way to connect to Pine Labs’ server?
Model Mode of connectivity
Plutus Smart 4G and WiFi
Plutus Countertop Fast Internet connectivity
Plutus Countertop Dual connectivity - serial IP and GPRS
Plutus Portable Wireless GPRS-enabled connectivity
Plutus Portable Wireless WiFi and GPRS-enabled connectivity
Plutus Portable Bluetooth-enabled connectivity
5. In which regions can I use Pine Labs PoS terminals to process payments?

Currently, our network spans over 3,700 locations in India, Malaysia, and other parts of Asia. We are working towards expanding our network to other countries. We will update this section as and when we have more information.

6. What are the terms and conditions for merchants to enable the EMI facility for customers?

To know the terms and conditions of the EMI feature, please visit Products > Affordability. For any specific queries, you can write to our support team at

7. How can I activate the EMI feature on my PoS terminal?

You can apply for activation of the EMI feature by writing to us on or call us at our customer care number -0120-4033600

8. Where can I find more information about the personalised perks program?

You can visit our dedicated website- to know more about our personalised gifting solutions.

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