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Join a thriving ecosystem of leading brands, banks, and NBFCs who trust us for our innovative fintech products. We power over 500,000 merchant network points in over 3,700 cities and are currently operational in India, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.



Trusted by the top brands

Trusted by the top brands

Activate the most in-demand payment products and tailor a seamless in-store experience for your customers. Our products solve for your business needs, from getting more customers into stores to offering modern day contactless payment experiences and more.

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Offline Retail

Empowering the Retail sector

Empowering the Retail sector with cutting-edge fintech products

Pine Labs’ fintech products will elevate the in-store shopping experience by enabling speedier checkouts and to the liking of your customers. There is no dearth of products to explore, from our smart Android PoS terminal to a mobile payment solution that gives you the ability to transform your NFC-enabled smartphone into a payment acceptance device, and more. We have been at the forefront of enabling merchant commerce and have extensive experience of working with small, medium and large-scale retailers.

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Banks and NBFCs

Helping digitize

Helping digitize and accelerate your lending business

As many as 30 banks in India including private banks, public banks, regional banks, and the country’s leading NBFCs are on our popular Pay Later platform. We have consistently delivered value for our Banks and NBFCs platforms. We thank them for their trust in us and we will continue to excel our association with these important partners.

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We are building best in industry lending products to help our merchants scale their business. We have partnered with India’s two leading banks to offer products like FlexiCredit, a flexible revolving credit line and India’s most rewarding Credit Card for retailers. As we add more products we will continue to expand our partnerships with more banks and NBFC’s who are excited to work together in bringing innovative credit solutions to mass retail in India.

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