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Boost your business with exclusive access to collateral-free funds. And they're approved on the basis of your relationship with Pine Labs!

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On Tap FlexiCredit

Enjoy the flexibility of credit that grows with your business. Pay salaries and rents, buy inventory, and do much more with ease.

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Now you can access pre-approved credit up to 5 lacs without putting up collateral, documentation, or creating an account.


You don’t have to pay any upfront setup costs or processing fees for activating your FlexiCredit limit.


Withdraw as many times as you need from the available limit, repay and withdraw again. Request, Repay, and Repeat.


Experience effortless loan repayment through small daily deductions via Pine Labs Settlement.

Convenient Advance Settlement

Meet unexpected expenses, buy in bulk and do much more by opting for Advance Settlements. Use up to 15 days of your settlement volumes in advance with just one click.

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Fast Access

Fast Access

You don’t need collateral, documentation, or to create an account. And we speed up processing time.

easy Customisation

Easy Customisation

Enjoy the freedom to decide your loan amount, the number, and the frequency of installments each time you withdraw.

Relaxed Repayment

Relaxed Repayment

You can select a repayment cycle and the daily deduction amount that works for you.

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