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Unlimited FlexiCredit, unlimited growth.

Keep up with the demands of a growing business with quick unlimited access to money. And withdraw freely with zero setup costs.

Pine Labs flexiCredit

Withdraw On Your Terms

You can enjoy the flexibility to withdraw multiple times as many times as you like, right up to the sanctioned total limit at the click of a button.


No collateral

Get money without creating an account, putting up any collateral, or documentation.


Revolving Credit Limit

Withdraw funds into your bank account multiple times and each time you repay a portion of your loan, your credit limit is replenished instantly for a new drawdown.


Pay per use

Pay interest only on the portion of the loan you use, when you use it, and for the duration you use it.

Get funds in 4 Steps

Enjoy immediate access to funds with a simple four-step process.

Verify your business details

Verify your business details

Review the details that will be pre-filled and enter your personal details.


Setup Auto-repayment

Select your business category and accept the Pine Labs terms and conditions.

Setup Auto-repayment
bank details and register for the eNACH mandate

Add banking details

Fill in your bank details and register for the eNACH mandate.


Withdraw amount

Accept the digital loan agreement. You can now proceed to select an amount and withdraw!

Accept the digital loan

Smooth Repayment

You don’t have to worry about long-term loans or blocking funds for EMI payments again. With our revolving credit line, we offer you a hassle-free repayment system.

90-Day Revolving Limit

Intuitive Android

Your new drawdown is added to your outstanding amount and the updated loan amount can be repaid over the next 90 days starting from the fresh withdrawal rate

Easy Installments

Intuitive Android

Your drawdown amount will be repaid through automated small daily deductions right from your POS machines.

Unified Dashboard

Intuitive Android

One dashboard to track and stay up to date with all your loans.

Pay Per Use

FlexiCredit Limit

₹ 25,000 – ₹ 5 lakhs

Interest starting at

1.33% per month

per drawdown
per month

90 days

In Your Best Interest

We offer you the best interest rates in the market, with easy withdrawals so you can take your business to the next level.

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