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We simplify fintech
to accelerate commerce

Pine Labs is contributing to the future of merchant commerce in Asia. We are using advanced fintech solutions built using our technology prowess and fueled by our zeal to innovate and solve problems.

Our Vision

We believe that every business can grow exponentially with technology and capital.

Our Mission

Maniacal focus on creating a product and services platform that widens access and accelerates commerce for merchants in each local market we operate in.

The road we’ve taken

Pine Labs was Founded

When Pine Labs began, our main focus was on smart card-based payment and loyalty solutions for the retail petroleum industry.


Going Mainstream


Eleven years later we made our first forays into the world of mainstream payments, giving merchants solutions and connecting them with banks and financial services.


Our First Unified PoS Platform


We pioneered the use of the smart, cloud-based unified point-of-sale platform – designed to reduce costs and drive retail revenues.


Becoming Digital-ready

We partnered with banks and payment aggregators to make sure our PoS terminal could process all forms of digital payments to enhance the merchant-customer experience.


A Complete Merchant Platform


We evolved into a platform that provides merchants with solutions for payments, risk assessment, multi-channel analytics, lending & insurance, brand offers, cashbacks, integrated billing and more.


We built a network of


Multiple financial services and brands


Going Global


2017 saw us lay our first global footprint as we entered the Malaysian market with an exclusive partnership with CIMB Bank.


Growing the Merchant Platform of the Future


Today, we are on our way to building one of the world’s most robust fintech platforms to meet the needs of the modern merchant.

The values that
guide us

We believe in responsible value creation. Our core values help our employees understand what we stand for, establish a strong culture within, and guide us in serving our merchant partners and other business associates with utmost sincerity and professionalism.


We strive to resolve our customers’ problems quickly and definitively. We do not postpone. We use speed as a differentiator for product development and process charting.


We always do the right thing. We are explicit in our words and actions. We do not hide behind ambiguity or ignorance. When we don’t know, we ask questions.


We value people for who they are. We work to leverage the collective energy, ideas and skills to build the best possible products and processes.


We learn by doing, and from our mistakes. We enter new territories ahead of our customers’ expectations.


We use complex technology, big data and machine learning, but we simplify them for our community. We make products and processes that are intuitive and easy to use.

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour.

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Giving back to
our community

At Pine Labs, we’re proud of the way our merchant platform makes an impact on our customers’ lives. And we work to extend that impact to communities around us. Our employees volunteer to help people and organizations that work with underprivileged children, the differently-abled and the elderly. We also work to protect and improve the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and pursuing environmentally sustainable actions across all aspects of our operations.

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