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Offer your customers the Pay Later EMI advantage on their dream vehicle.

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K S Tilak Sarvotham

One of Bengaluru’s leading two-wheeler dealer

With the great Pay Later EMI offers by Pine Labs we are confident of increasing our business.”

K S Tilak Sarvotham

Branch Manager, Tansi Honda

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Frequently Asked Questions

A PoS (Point of Sale) terminal is a powerful tool that revolutionises how transactions are processed and managed in your automobile store. It streamlines checkout processes, tracks inventory, and provides valuable insights into sales data, ultimately enhancing customer service and boosting profitability. Some unique features offered by PineLabs’ PoS terminal are:

  1. It Offers your customers the Pay Later EMI advantage on their dream vehicle.
  2. Your customer can choose from a number of payment options available on PineLabs’ PoS machine.
  3. Customers can buy products along with protection in the form of insurance in one go.
  4. It accepts payment with all major credit/debit cards through dip, swipe and tap, across an unbeatable network of banks.

Our PoS terminal seamlessly integrates with automobile billing applications and utilities, ensuring smooth and efficient transaction processing. It allows you to generate invoices directly from the PoS system, sync inventory data, and streamline accounting processes for your automobile parts or Bike shop.

Absolutely! Our PoS terminal is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of automobile stores. Whether you sell auto parts, accessories, or provide repair services, our PoS system can handle a wide range of products and pricing structures with ease and accuracy. Our PoS devices are for every merchant need, the terminals and their features cater to specifics across cohorts. We have a billing app in-built in our PoS terminal (Genie) that can be customised according to merchants and can be used for inventory management, Quick catalogue Creation etc.

Our PoS system is feature-rich and user-friendly. It includes inventory management, sales reporting, and integration with popular automobile software solutions. (Note: Billing integrations extend across an extensive network of 500+ billing/utility applications, offering adaptability and compatibility for various businesses including automobiles.) With our PoS system, you can efficiently manage your store operations and drive growth. Our PoS devices can be integrated with the billing application you are using right now and you can browse through apps that sync smoothly with terminals for all business needs. Supports multiple applications across billing, accounting, inventory management, fare calculation, parking management, store operations, human resources and business management to enhance your business operations.

Security is our top priority. Our PoS system is equipped with advanced encryption and security features to safeguard sensitive customer data and financial information. It complies with industry standards to ensure the highest level of security.

There are certain features which are unique to Pine Labs’ terminals. They include:

  1. End-to-end encryption
  2. Dynamic, Unique session key to encrypt PIN and card information Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  3. Secure data collection /encryption via HSM
  4. Compliance of PCI-S3F, PCI-DSS, PCI-PIN, UKPT/TLE (terminal line encryption), certifications done every 1-yr/ 3-yr as per RBI PCI Council guidelines
  5. Instant encryption upon card swipe/dip/tap via SSL
  6. Geolocation of each transaction

Absolutely! Our PoS system is designed with ease of use in mind. It features an intuitive interface and user-friendly functionalities that require minimal training for your staff. Additionally, our customer support team is available to provide assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Getting started is easy! Simply contact our sales team to schedule a consultation. We'll work with you to assess your needs and develop a customised solution that meets the unique requirements of your automobile store. From installation to training and ongoing support, we'll be with you every step of the way.

Pine Labs is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in India and is rapidly expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia, West Asia and the UAE. Our PoS system is more than just a transaction processing tool – it's a comprehensive solution designed to help you streamline operations, enhance customer service, and drive growth in your automobile store. With our industry-leading features, unmatched reliability, and dedicated support, we're committed to helping you succeed and thrive in today's competitive market. We provide large coverage of servicing (19K+ pin codes) with 650+ field engineers and a presence across 380+ locations.

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