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Fast-track your business growth with Pine Labs Analytics

Make the most of your business data, tap into your customers’ behaviour and optimize your business performance. Use the real-time intuitive dashboard to turn data into actionable insights.

Pine Labs Analytics

Let your business data work for you.

Put your customers first

Get customers insights in easy-to-follow reports and make the right business decisions.

Rich insights for your business performance Lounge Program

Use Pine Labs Analytics to record sales, inventory, orders, the average customer spends and chart your expansion plan.

Cut through the noise.
Get business insights that make sense and drive results.

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Business growth in a click

Filter and export business reports in an easy-to-understand format.


Real-time dashboard

Get all the information you need. View transactions, track sales and analyse earnings in real-time!

EMI Catalouge

Zoom into your business data

Don’t miss even the tiniest details with the comprehensive dashboard and user-friendly interface.

Shopping Experience

Reach where your customers are

Geo-tag potential customers near your store and grow your business

Unleash your data’s real
potential in real-time

  • Track transactions, settlements and refunds
  • Raise, track and request service tickets
  • Activate best-in-class EMI offers across 100+ brands
  • Create and manage user roles for your stores
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Monitor business and customer data on the web

  • Detailed insights on customer transactions
  • Auto reconciliation updates and payment alerts
  • Seamless access to post transaction settlement
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Boost your revenue with the right tools for your business

  • Real-time actionable insights
  • Customized campaigns
  • Geo-tagging
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