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Use real-time analytics and insights to make smarter decisions

Get real-time, omni-channel insights at your fingertips. Use business metrics and KPIs to make data-driven decisions.

Get a simplified view of your day-to-day business operations.

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Increase sales through Business Plus marketing tools.

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business plus

Run targeted campaigns with Encore.

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myPlutus App
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Download the myPlutus app, available in English and Hindi.

myPlutus App

Get a simplified view of your day-to-day business operations

Get real-time, centralized access to sales transaction data, payments insights and customer analytics on the myPlutus mobile app.

Get on-the-go insights

Instant transaction alerts and on-the-go insights on payments and customer analytics at the store level.

Instantly calculate EMIs

Calculate bank and brand-based EMIs applicable on products with the in-built EMI calculator.

Avail business loans

Create a business loan profile, upload scanned copies of required documents, and raise a loan request with a few clicks!


  • Connect with peers

    Join the social community and connect with other merchants in your vicinity who are using our POS terminals.

  • Get latest product updates

    Get latest updates on our existing and new products and services, and run cashback offers.

  • Raise service requests

    Raise requests for enabling new services, terminal maintenance and ordering paper rolls

myPlutus Web

Monitor and analyze accounts for accuracy and efficiency

Anytime, anywhere web access

State-of-the-art web application for seamless, anytime/anywhere access to post-transaction settlement and reconciliation.

Automatic reconciliation and closures

Automatic bank reconciliation and financial closures along with prompt alerts on unsettled or disputed transactions or unreconciled batches.

Deep payments insights

Detailed payments analysis and insights for driving effective sales promotion campaigns.


  • Centralized access

    Get centralized access to all transaction data across multiple modes of payments.

  • Search

    Query all the transaction data stored and archived in the centralized server.

  • Real-time alerts

    View reconciliation updates on-the-go for continuous control and validation.

Business Plus

Drive customer engagement with in-depth analytics and insights

Use robust marketing tools and customer engagement platforms to enhance sales and drive repeat buying.

Gain real-time customer insights

Identify and influence customer buying behavior with real-time actionable insights.

Deliver personalized experiences at scale

Utilize deep insights to create personalized content and offers, optimize customer experiences and influence buying patterns at scale.

Identify potential customers

Leverage geotagging to identify potential customers within the vicinity of a store and target them using digital marketing campaigns.


  • Powerful analytical platform

    An automatic marketing solution that provides real-time insights for real-time action.

  • Advanced customer segmentation

    Get in-depth, accurate data on customer behavior, preferences, spending patterns, and their lifetime value to drive engagement.

  • Customized analytics dashboard

    Get a quick view of your current sales volume, industry-wise growth trends and store-wise rankings with customizable dashboards and reports.


Run targeted campaigns with Encore

From designing and implementing campaigns to tracking results and publishing effectiveness reports, Encore enables end-to-end campaign management

Run automated, omni-channel marketing campaigns

Use data-driven customer insights to run automated marketing campaigns through emails, social media alerts and app-based push notifications.

Delight customers with personalized experiences

Utilize deep insights to create personalized content and offers, optimize customer experiences and influence buying patterns at scale.

Target customers in real-time

Update customers on running offers, special discounts, and personalized recommendations based on their previous purchases.


  • Execute campaigns with flexibility and ease

    Choose to run campaigns on a particular day of the week, selected time of the day or in partnership with other banks and card-issuing companies.

  • Choose from pre-designed campaigns

    Choose from an array of pre-designed campaigns that you can run across targeted customers.

  • Drive profitability by generating repeat business

    Strengthen relationships with most valuable customers by rewarding them as per their spends.

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