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KV Hariharan

Leading healthcare consumer products company

Amway India has over 150 shops pan India and 3-4 counters at every shop. Today, every Amway India store has a Pine Labs PoS machine.”

KV Hariharan

CFO, Amway India

CFO, Amway India



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Frequently Asked Questions

A PoS (Point of Sale) terminal is a device that allows you to process transactions securely and efficiently. In a healthcare setting, it streamlines payment processing for medical services, prescriptions, and retail items, enhancing the overall customer experience. We provide multiple payment options like your customers can pay with cards, UPI, eWallets etc. We also provide card and cardless no-cost EMIs on all product categories, across 25+ banks and 150+ brands. Additional benefits of using Pine Labs’ PoS terminal are:

  1. Instant integration with the merchant’s current bank account.
  2. Consolidated information about transactions and settlements.
  3. Designed to work in integrated modes with billing applications.

Our PoS terminal seamlessly integrates with medical billing software to ensure accurate billing and streamline the payment process. It allows you to generate invoices directly from the PoS system, which can then be easily transferred to your medical billing software for processing.The merchant billing applications for Android and iOS, can seamlessly be deployed on Pine Labs’ Android terminals, allowing seamless integration and communication with the Pine Labs payment application running on the same device. Real-time information is centralised, providing merchants with comprehensive insights.
Note: Billing integrations extend across an extensive network of 500+ billing/utility applications, offering adaptability and compatibility for various businesses.

Absolutely! Our PoS terminal is highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of your healthcare store. Whether you need to add custom fields for patient information or integrate with specialized medical software, we can tailor the PoS system to fit your needs perfectly. Made for every merchant need, the terminals and their features cater to specifics across cohorts. We have Genie: A billing app that's customisable on our terminals and can help in quick catalogue creation and easy inventory management.

Our PoS terminal is designed with user-friendliness in mind. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure that your staff can use the system with ease. Additionally, our intuitive interface minimizes the learning curve, allowing your team to start processing transactions efficiently in no time.

We offer technical support to address any issues or concerns you may have with our PoS terminal. Our team of experts is always available to assist you with troubleshooting, software updates, and any other technical assistance you may need to keep your operations running smoothly. Also, Pine Labs offers services which are better than any PoS terminal provider in India. Some key highlights of which are:

  1. Best in SLA (Service Level Agreements) and coverage of servicing (19K+ pin codes) with 650+ field engineers and a presence across 380+ locations.
  2. Regional Supervisory Support structure for key partners & banks.

Instant Digital support:

  1. Pine Labs One app + One web: Merchants can raise and track support queries instantly.
  2. Pine Labs WhatsApp bot: Merchants can directly raise requests and resolve queries over WhatsApp on +91 9717886609.
  3. For any other information, merchants can contact us on: 0120-4033600 / 1800 258 6609 |

Getting started is easy! Simply contact our sales team to schedule a consultation. We'll work with you to assess your needs and develop a customized solution that meets the unique requirements of your healthcare store. From implementation to ongoing support, we'll be with you every step of the way.

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