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Pine Labs energises your electronics business through a unique understanding of its needs. We equip you with more ways to bring your customers through the door, and once they’re there, we help make your inventory more affordable to them. This means a higher conversion rate and bigger ticket sales for you.

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Jitender Saini

Multi-brand electronics store in Delhi

"Whether the customer is carrying a debit or a credit card, the EMI option is a must in today's times. I am using Pine Labs terminal for the past two years and it is truly a all-in-one PoS. It accepts multiple payments and I don't have to keep multiple machines.”

Jitender Saini

Owner, V.K.Electronics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our PoS terminal is designed to suit the unique demands of electronics stores. With seamless integration and advanced features, it optimizes transactions, inventory management, and sales insights, guaranteeing smooth operations that meet your specific business needs. There are multiple payment modes available for your customer if you are using Pine Labs’ PoS terminal. For example - Cards, Pay Later, UPI, Wallet, PaybyPoints etc. We also provide other exclusive services like- Pay by Link, Instant cashback, Campaigns on our PoS Terminal and also you can help your customers exchange any old electronic device (any brand) for any brand-new product from your store.

Our PoS system is engineered to handle the diverse product range and pricing structures of electronics stores. Whether it's appliances, gadgets, or accessories, our system adapts effortlessly, guaranteeing accurate transactions and streamlined pricing management. You can check out Pine Labs’ Hub - The hub of all things great with an all-inclusive PoS that helps manage daily business clutter -free or you can also use Pine Labs’ Android PoS which can integrate with different Business Apps for streamlining your business process. Please reach out to our sales team for more information.

Yes, our PoS terminal seamlessly integrates with leading 500+ billing applications & utilities for different stores including electronics stores. From generating invoices to synchronizing inventory data, it ensures a cohesive operational flow, enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors. The merchant billing applications for Android and iOS, can seamlessly be deployed on Pine Labs Android terminals, allowing seamless integration and communication with the Pine Labs payment application running on the same device. Real-time information is centralized, providing merchants with comprehensive insights.

Security is paramount in electronic transactions. Our PoS system boasts advanced encryption and robust security features, aligning with industry standards to safeguard customer data and financial transactions, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers. There are certain features that are unique to Pine Labs’ terminals which include:

  1. End-to-end encryption
  2. Dynamic, Unique session key to encrypt PIN and card information Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  3. Secure data collection/encryption via HSM
  4. Compliance of PCI-S3F, PCI-DSS, PCI-PIN, UKPT/TLE (terminal line encryption), certifications done every 1-yr/3-yr as per RBI PCI Council guidelines
  5. Instant encryption upon card swipe/dip/tap via SSL

Our PoS system empowers electronics retailers with comprehensive inventory management capabilities. From real-time stock tracking to automated reordering, it streamlines stock control, minimizes stockouts, and optimizes inventory turnover, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

Absolutely! Our PoS terminal is designed to meet the mobility requirements of electronics retailers, making it an ideal solution for small businesses. It's portable design and user-friendly interface enable seamless transactions on-the-go, enhancing customer service and flexibility. Please do check Pine Labs’s Go - The push to go the extra mile with the slimmest on-the-go payment device. You can reach out to our sales team now for more information.

Pine Labs is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in India and is rapidly expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia, West Asia and the UAE. Our PoS system stands out as the best-in-class solution for electronics stores. We provide:

  1. Instant integration with the merchant's current bank account
  2. Consolidated information about transactions and settlements
  3. One-stop app and web dashboard solution that let you view transactions, settlements, raise and track service requests and even refunds
  4. Higher percentage of successful transactions
  5. Geolocation of each transaction
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