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An unmatched digital stack and online payment gateway for the digital age which empowers each and every such business - no matter the size or stage of automation.

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The power of online payments
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Plural Gateway

Online payments as easy as
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Plural Gateway is a secure, user-friendly payment gateway designed to give you exactly what you need to sell online.

International Payment Gateway Plural
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Plural Gateway

Dominate payments with the ultimate orchestration platform

Deeper analytics, easy integration, faster transactions, a unified dashboard and more – all on one feature-packed payments orchestration platform.

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Two clicks from start to finish

Plural Checkout makes sure your customers spend more time adding to cart and less time navigating a lengthy online checkout process.

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We manage some of the best brands
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With restful APIs and well documented SDKs,
Plural integrates easily with all major
platforms and languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Factors to consider include:

  • Success rates
  • Supported payment methods
  • Transaction fees
  • Security measures
  • Integration options with your e-commerce platform
  • Ease of use for both you and your customers

While many online payment gateways advertise transparent pricing, it's essential to carefully review their fee structures, including transaction fees, monthly subscriptions, chargeback fees, and currency conversion fees.

Look for payment gateways that offer industry-standard security systems to ensure data security, such as SSL encryption, tokenisation, fraud detection tools, PCI compliance, and strong authentication methods, like two-factor authentication, to safeguard sensitive customer data.

A reliable online payment system for e-commerce is crucial to ensure secure transactions, enhance customer trust with robust security PoS systems and facilitate smooth checkout experiences, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Yes, Plural Payment Gateway offers easy integration with various websites and platforms, thanks to its flexible APIs and developer-friendly documentation. Whether you're using an e-commerce platform, a mobile app or a custom solution, integrating with the Plural Payment Gateway is seamless and straightforward.

Yes, we provide solutions for in-store payments, enabling businesses to offer a flawless omnichannel experience to our customers. In-store payments can be collected offline on our PoS devices like Hub or online through Plural payment links, offering a truly omnichannel experience. Whether online or offline, Pine Labs ensures consistent payment processing and a unified customer experience across all channels.