How Pine Labs Loyalty Solutions helped Khimji Jewels improve customer experience through better targeting


How Pine Labs Loyalty Solutions helped Khimji Jewels improve customer experience through better targeting


Pinelabs   Background

Khimji Jewels, a jewellery and lifestyle brand began its journey in 1936 and stands today as one of the most well-known names with origins in Odisha where it has served for 84 years now. Khimji Jewels recently launched its line of personal jewellery called Collection ME and is set to embark on a customer satisfaction journey pan India.

Pinelabs   Challenge

When Khimji Jewels first approached in 2017, they were looking for a robust loyalty solution that could help them effectively serve their wide customer base and decipher transaction data to identify and target loyal customers. Following are a few of the challenges faced by the Khimji Jewels:

  • Understanding the customer base and segmentation
  • Retention of customers and acquiring new ones
  • Find opportunities to improve Customer Experience

"We have been with Pine Labs since 2017 and when we on boarded, we were looking for a loyalty solution which is robust enough to change with the new data set and pattern we observe."


Nishit Nanda

CEO, Business Operations,
Khimji Jewels


Pinelabs   Solution

Khimji Jewels is headquartered in Baripada, Odisha and the company was looking to take the Odisha success story to newer markets pan India. Pine Labs' Loyalty Solutions helped Khimji Jewels, one of the biggest jewellery houses in India in the following areas:

  • Growing the customer base
  • Bringing a whole new experience for the customers
  • Maintaining proper data about existing customers and understand patterns

Pinelabs   Result

Today, the existing customers of Khimji Jewels are a happier lot and the customer experience has improved to a great degree according to the company. The Loyalty Solutions offered by Pine Labs has also led to repeat business from customers who are a happier lot now.

Words of appreciation from the client

"At Khimji Jewels, we believe that data is an important part of our business. With Pine Labs, we are able to provide a better customer experience and add more value to our business. We were able to understand our consumers better, how they were segmented. It's been more than 3 years now and our customers are happier every time they purchase from us." - Nishit Nanda, CEO, Business Operations, Khimji Jewels

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