Helping Amway India take giant strides in digital payment acceptance

Pine Labs Merchants Success Stories: Amway


Amway India is world's largest direct selling company established in 1959 operating over 800 countries. With over 150 shops across India, this American multi-level marketing company deals in beauty, health and home care products.


Amway India wanted to reduce business complexity and simplify the payment acceptance process. The company was looking for a solution where they could get rid of the multiple PoS machines occupying the checkout counter. Following were some of the biggest challenges faced by Amway India:

  • Multiple PoS machines at cash counters
  • Cumbersome process
  • Calculation errors by cashiers

"Amway India has over 150 shops pan India and 3-4 counters at every shop. Today, every Amway India store has a Pine Labs PoS machine."

Pine Labs Merchants Success Stories : Amway Log

KV Hariharan,

CFO, Amway India

Pine Labs Merchants Success Stories : Amway - CEO - KV Hariharan


Amway India was looking for an aggregator and that is when they hit upon the idea of associating with Pine Labs. Their expectation was to get a solution where one machine could do the job of multiple machines. Pine Labs's smart and portable device offered the following solutions:

  • Acceptance of multiple forms of payment (Mobile wallets, QR code, debit/credit cards, and loyalty points)
  • Quick and secure transactions
  • Seamless integration with billing system


Amway India has over 150 shops pan India and 3-4 counters at every shop. Today, every Amway India store has a Pine Labs PoS machine. With the installation of our PoS machines, our client can now effortlessly analyse their transactions and see what kind of cost optimisation they can bring in. Keeping an eye on the future, Amway India has also initiated EMI transactions using Pine Labs PoS machines and now are evolving as a complete PoS solution. In a nutshell, the impact of Pine Labs on Amway India business is as follows:

  • Ensured seamless transactions for the customers
  • Achieved cost optimisation
  • In the process of enabling EMI transactions

Associating with Pine Labs has benefitted Amway India in several ways. As per Amway India CFO, Pine Labs is:

  • Technologically ahead
  • Service- oriented
  • Supporting us with an outstanding turnaround time

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