How this mom-and-pop-store improved customer retention with Pine Labs' Loyalty Solutions

Pine Labs Merchants Success Stories: Kamdhenu


At Pine Labs, we serve over 150,000 merchants with top fintech products including new-age point of sale digital payment solutions. From mom-and-pop stores to large enterprise customers, we are constantly supporting the needs of all merchants with solutions that help them grow their customer base, improve customer experience at their store and reduce operational complexity. Kamdhenu, a one-stop shop departmental store located in Mumbai is one such esteemed client of ours who benefitted from our Loyalty Solutions. The store is well-known for offering affordable items right from clothing, home decor, stationery to household products, accessories, etc. and is associated with us for over four years now.


Kamdhenu wanted to offer loyalty programs to their customers to increase repeat purchase from their existing loyal customers. The store was looking for a loyalty program that could help them understand the shopping behaviour and patterns of their customers and offer them a convenient way of increasing store footfalls. Following were some of the biggest challenges faced by Kamdhenu:

  • Increasing repeat purchase
  • Building better relationships with customers
  • Retaining existing customers

"Pine Labs has given us a simple Loyalty Solution which is easy to manage and is easy to understand by the customers."

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Pine Labs Merchants : Success Stories : Kamdhenu Shop


With the aim of enhancing the in-store customer experience and offering something more than just a traditional loyalty program to their customers, Kamdhenu joined hands with Pine Labs four years back. The solutions provided by Pine Labs helped them increase their revenue, gather valuable data, and personalise the engagement with their customers, just to name a few. Pine Labs' tailor-made loyalty solutions helped the department store in the following areas:

  • Get an effortless loyalty program
  • Gain insights into valuable customer data
  • Give loyalty points and allow customers to redeem these points during checkout
  • Better communication with customers


Kamdhenu leveraged Pine Labs' Loyalty Solution and first implemented it at their Andheri store. Seeing the overwhelming response of the customers, they extended these services to their Nepean store in Mumbai. The impact of Pine Labs' Loyalty Solutions on their business:

  • Acceptance of loyalty points at the time of checkout resulted in happy customers
  • Improved relationship with customers
  • Increased footfall at stores
  • Improved customer retention

By implementing Pine Labs' Loyalty Solutions, Kamdhenu believes that they can now cater to individual customers than just a generic segment. Also, with loyalty services coming in as a part of their business strategy, there is plenty of room for growth and attracting new customers and retaining existing customers has become easier.

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