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Top offline and online payment methods to consider in 2022

Vinisha Kataria : Digital Content Manager at Pine Labs

By Vinisha Kataria | January 05, 2022

Vinisha is the Digital Content Manager at Pine Labs and brings with her, more than 10 years of professional experience.

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Online payment methods in India have been around for a while now and with their rising popularity they are here to stay. As we usher in 2022, businesses must be ready to embrace new technology and adapt to agile ways of working to improve customer experience. The RBI has also established robust structures and security controls to promote digital payment infrastructure and enable customers to use digital payment methods with trust.

In this blog, we will cover the top payment methods you can consider in the coming year. By adopting these different online payments options, you can tap into and sell to a large segment of customers who don't use credit cards or a payment wallet, reduce shopping cart abandonment rate and drive more sales.

QR Payments: The self 'scan and pay' QR codes have become a popular means of payment, especially after the 2016 demonetisation. In fact, QR payments for businesses have seen a tremendous rise1 in the year 2021 and are expected to see greater adoption in the coming years as well. All you need is a QR code printout or a digital QR on your PoS terminal and you are on your way to accepting digital payments. It also reduces transaction-related manual errors because customers scan and pay and don't have to input any data.

Offer a seamless checkout experience to your customers by getting Pine Labs' Plutus QR for your store. It integrates seamlessly with the PoS terminal and features a unique identifier to simplify reconciliation across multiple payment touchpoints in your store.

Mobile Payments: Mobile payment app are considered among popular payment methods in use today. The COVID-19 pandemic, affordable internet plans and rising mobile penetration have propelled the adoption2 of mobile payments as businesses and customers adopt digital payments with open mindsets and arms. Imagine a scenario where you can accept 100+digital payment modes including net banking, QR, UPI, wallets, tap and pay card payments, debit and credit cards via just an app! It is one of the simplest and easy-to-use ways to accept payments and hence, quite popular with youth. Download Pine Labs AllTap, turn your NFC-enabled Android smartphone into a payment acceptance device and make your business digital payments-ready in a few minutes. With a completely digital onboarding and ability to add sub-users to let customers on your behalf to accept doorstep payments that get credited directly in your account, AllTap is your answer to all your digital payment acceptance needs.

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A Point-of-Sale or PoS terminal: While cash still dominates the retail sector in India and consumers are gradually moving to other online payment modes, a PoS terminal for in-store shopping is still a preferred choice for many businesses. Thanks to the Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) setup by the RBI, the adoption of PoS devices is expected to see a uptick in the years ahead. When it comes to PoS terminals, Pine Labs Plutus Smart needs no introduction. This touchscreen, intuitive and dependable Android-powered PoS terminal lets you accept 100+ modes of digital payments. It comes integrated with IMEI / barcode scanner, lets you offer bank and brand EMI offers to your customers and capture NPS right on the device. You can also accept UPI payments and integrate third-party business apps with Plutus Smart.

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Online payments: As more and more consumers prefer to shop online, e-commerce growth in India is poised to grow exponentially3. If you are running an e-commerce business, planning to move to a brick-to-click model, or moving your legacy business to online-only, delivering a seamless online payment experience is critical to your success. Enter Pine Labs Plural, a suite of online payment products, offering a customisable payment checkout experience, to enable a frictionless transaction process, enhanced checkout experience and reduced waiting time. It is equipped to process BNPL transactions and e-commerce payment methods, including net banking, digital wallets, UPI, debit and credit cards.

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