Plutus Smart: Leveraging Technology for Safe and Enjoyable Hotel Stays

Plutus Smart: Helping hotels leverage technology for a safe and pleasant stay

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By Soumiya Awasthi | August 14, 2020

Contactless payments continue to gain momentum in the recent times - Thanks to the digital revolution shaping up around the world! With an endeavor to offer a seamless transaction journey, industry leaders are leveraging new-age technology for conventional and emerging modes of payments. One of the critical contributors in tourism - Large chain hotels, have taken significant steps towards ensuring safe stay by embracing new payment platforms. Large chain hotels and travellers around the globe feel valued with overall experience offered at the hotels. This includes hassle-free check-ins/outs which is a critical customer experience touchpoint.

Pine Labs Plutus Smart offers unique levers to cater to these requirements - from cards to scan payments under integrated and standalone mode - we offer it all in one smart terminal!

This Android-based smart PoS covers a gamut of features to enable complete and positive experience at F&B and front desk and other important customer touchpoints at the hotels.

Now let us explore the key benefits of using Plutus Smart:

Contactless payment acceptance

: Pine Labs' Plutus Smart is a one-stop solution for accepting all payment modes including scan-based, debit and credit card, mobile wallets, UPI, etc.

Superior connectivity

: What makes Plutus Smart so handy is its superior connectivity. Be it 4G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Plutus Smart works seamlessly and is a trusted mode of digital payment acceptance.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

: Plutus Smart is travellers-friendly and just what is needed for accepting payments from international travellers. The DCC feature is built-in to allow guests to pay in their local currency and is enabled with leading banks namely, HDFC, Axis and ICICI.

Authorized tip acceptance

: Plutus Smart provides a hassle-free tipping experience, aimed at eliminating disputes for both customers and hotels.

Capture customer experience

: Plutus Smart also has a built-in NPS mechanism using which it allows the hotels to capture the customer feedback, unlock actionable insights to identify and deliver on opportunities areas.


: Error-free and zero manual intervention - We offer Oracle Payment Interface (OPI) integration at the front office on Plutus Smart*.

Smart dashboards

: At the click of a button access and download rich insights across all payments accepted at the hotels.

EMI advantage

- Using Plutus Smart, a high value transaction can also be converted into EMIs at ease, using debit and credit cards from major banks.

So, wait no more! Leverage Plutus Smart to your advantage and make the most of its impeccable features to delight customers, grow business and cater to your loyal customer base.

*On compatible versions

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