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Fitness challenge: A fun way to stay healthy

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By Saloni Aggarwal | April 24, 2020

In today's world one cannot oversee the importance of staying healthy, and keeping in mind the same, we launched a corporate wellness initiative on World Health Day where we introduced our fitness challenge, spread over five days.

Since these are unprecedented times, and we are working from home, we organised a virtual challenge where employees were designated different activities every day. Having said that, our spirits were high, and we saw massive participation from our employees. Read on to know about the activities of this challenge and why performing them in the long run is beneficial for you.

Day 1

On day 1 was the Hold a Plank for 60 seconds challenge where employees had to get into the plank position and hold it for 60 seconds.


Performing planks daily helps is strengthening the core, increases muscle definition, heightens metabolism, reduces back pain and much more.

Watch the 1 min plank challenge video below:

Day 2

The activity for the second day of the fitness challenge was Dance it Out where participants had to play their favourite track and sway to its beats for one minute.


A regular dance session can help in weight management, improve muscle tone and strength, to name a few.

Below is a video of our employees who participated in this challenge:

Day 3

Cook a Healthy Meal was the third to follow in the fitness challenge. To complete the activity, participants had to cook a nutritious meal with green vegetables and healthy proteins.


Eating healthy helps in weight management, combats diseases, improves mood, boosts energy, etc.

Here's a video of some scrumptious healthy dishes prepared by our participants.

Day 4

The next activity was the 2 Minutes Wall Sit where participants had to hold a wall sit for 2 minutes.


Performing a wall sit regularly can help in strengthening and toning your calves, glutes, hamstrings and losing belly fat.

Take a look at the entries we received for this challenge:

Day 5

We concluded our fitness challenge with the activity, Every Push Up Counts. Participants had to get into a plank position and do push-ups until they hit 10 in total.


Push-ups increase functional strength, stretch muscle, enhance the cardiovascular system, etc.

In the below video are our entries for the 10 Push-Ups challenge:

The 2020 fitness challenge was a great hit! A big round of applause for all our health warriors who took out time and actively participated in the fitness challenge. We are extremely proud to have such fitness enthusiasts in our organisation. Stay healthy, stay fit!

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