Boosting customer engagement with big data analytics

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By Chandan Kumar | January 08, 2019

As a merchant enterprise, you may have relied on generic demographic-based behavioral insights for driving customer engagement. This approach is often flawed as factors that drive sales for one niche customer segment may not yield the desired results for another. With the advent of big data analytics, the uncertainty associated with predicting customer behavior has been eliminated to a great extent. You can now build customer relationships by proactively catering to personalized needs, thanks to insights provided by big data analytics.

Let us look at some of the ways in which you can leverage data assets to perform important business functions:

Gaining real-time data to make smarter decisions

Real-time analytics can allow you to identify patterns and categorize transactions based on a multitude of attributes and variables. With real-time, omni-channel insights at your fingertips, you can use business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to make data-driven decisions.

Monitoring and analyzing accounts for accuracy and efficiency

Being able to monitor and analyze your accounts is a key capability to ensure transaction accuracy and business process efficiency. Detailed payments analysis and insights can help drive effective sales promotion campaigns.

Driving customer engagement with in-depth analytics

Today customers' buying cycles span multiple channels and touch points. The conversion path for each customer is unique. With in-depth, multi-channel analytics and insights, you can use robust marketing tools and customer engagement platforms to enhance sales and drive repeat buying.

Identifying and influence customer buying behavior with actionable insights

Big data analytics can provide actionable insights to create personalized content and offers, optimize customer experiences and influence buying patterns at scale. With in-depth, accurate data on customer behavior, preferences and spending patterns you can drive targeted engagement programs.

Running automated, omni-channel marketing campaigns

Streamlining, automating and measuring marketing efforts can help grow revenues faster. With data-driven customer insights, you can run automated marketing campaigns.

With big data analytics, immediate and integrated insights can connect you to the world of customers. Analytics can help you understand and learn more about customers' interests, preferences, and purchase history in one central location. Real-time insights help you analyze the success of marketing strategies and campaigns to make data-driven decisions.

Knowing more about customers or potential customers and using that information to service them can help you cross-sell and retain customers better.

Essentially, you need to understand what big data means to your business and how you can harness it. The key to leveraging big data is not only viewing it as a value-added tool for driving customer loyalty and retention, but also gaining insights and developing new products that deepen customer relationships.

At Pine Labs, we combine our experience of working with merchants and big data to deliver state-of-the-art analytics and empower merchants to make better decisions.