State-of-the art web based application
To iron out all Post Transaction challenges
Now, also through a mobile App

Trm Detailed reports and analysis

Plutus TRM Pine Labs Transaction Reconciliation Management system

A state-of-the-art, easy to use web based application that facilitates real time access to all transaction data and helps to overcome post transaction challenges like Unknown settlement, Manual Reconciliation and Monthly / Quarterly closures. Detailed reports and analysis enables insights to drive effective campaigns for sales promotions.

operational image


  • Central access to all transactions data - Normal, Credit /Debit Card, EMI, DCC, Reward, e-Wallet etc.
  • Provides Search and query functions of transaction data stored /archived in a central server
  • Facility to upload bank Payment Advice file
  • Quick and easy management of payment system
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  • Automatic Bank reconciliation
  • Automatic Financial closures
  • Proactive Alerts to provide critical information including:
  • Unsettled POS terminals
  • Disputed transactions
  • Unreconciled batches
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  • Deep insights in the payments
  • Analytics to base marketing campaigns