Segment, Select & Target
The Right Customers,
with a Right Campaign @ Right Time

Average Lifetime Value

* Average Lifetime Value

Repeat Business The Power to Bring Repeat Business & Drive Profitability

It is a next generation fully automated Campaign based marketing tool that helps merchants drive profitability by generating repeat business. Encore empowers merchants to build their own flexible and affective campaigns, by enabling them to incentivise their high value customers for repeat purchases.

    Encore is designed to address key questions for the merchants:

  • What percentage of high value customers come back to you?
  • What section of your customers contribute maximum to your profitability?
  • What percentage of your customers never came back?

Encore campaigns are based on rich data analyses to enable merchants to segment, select and target the right customers, with a right campaign at a right time.

repeat business


  • Incentivize customers for repeat business, by offering instant discounts on their future visits/purchases
  • Move low frequency customers (or low transaction value) to high frequency (or high transaction value customers)
  • Strengthen relationship with most valuable customers by rewarding them in proportion to their spends
  • Build brand loyalty & encourage repeat visits from both new & existing customers.
rich data analytics


  • Analytics on customer spend pattern to create targeted campaigns to yield maximum results
  • Flexibility to choose the program rules as per your business needs e.g. number of visits, discount amount (fixed/ %age), time, date or period, by store, by POS, by location etc.
  • Run continuous spend simulation programs leading to change in customer purchase behavior
  • Track results through automated reports
fully automated


  • Quick & easy set-up
  • No need of cashier training or investment in costly infrastructure
  • Nil servicing costs, No cashier training required
  • Every offer applies automatically without any manual intervention