Shaping the future of payments with Android PoS terminals

Akanksha Jain : Default

By Akanksha Jain | February 14, 2020

Android is known to deliver a seamless software experience to its users and it's no wonder, with 86.6% market share as of 2019, Android is the dominant smartphone operating system worldwide, way ahead of its rival iOS at 13.4% as per International Data Corporation (IDC).1

Android PoS software is no exception to that At Pine Labs, we have always evolved with time and given the best tech-enabled solutions to our customers. Our Android PoS terminals give that advantage to merchants who are looking to upgrade to a secure, reliable and faster experience payment transaction experience. With increasing number of PoS terminals in the country, which enable customers to make payments for purchases of goods and services by means of debit/credit cards, this transition to the new-age Android PoS systems had to happen.

Android-based smart PoS transaction machine come with many benefits over the earlier countertop PoS versions. These Android PoS terminals are built for speed and have an intuitive interface much like a smartphone and therefore are easier to operate. The ergonomic design of an Android PoS machine like Plutus Smart makes it a great restaurant PoS device or in any other business where mobility is the key.

Our Plutus Smart PoS machines can be easily integrated with the Android PoS terminal either through the existing billing system of the merchant or through third-party billing apps. These terminals work seamlessly through a 4G network or Wi-Fi and can help you get the most out of your Plutus Smart device. So, if you are looking to compare the latest EMI offers from leading banks/brands and offer it on the PoS and boost sales, or seeking invaluable insights on your customers, opting for Android PoS terminals is the way forward.

The rise of digital payments acceptance in India owing to progressive regulatory policies is an indicator that early adopters of smart Android PoS terminals will end up growing their businesses in the times to come. While the power of a simple PoS machine made it a level-playing field for smaller businesses like kirana stores and helped them counter the rise of e-commerce companies, the advent of Android PoS terminals presents an opportunity to help them catapult their business to newer heights. If you haven't already, now is the time to introduce Android PoS terminals at your store.

1 Source:IDC