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Important things to remember before buying a PoS for pharmacy store

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By Soumiya Awasthi | October 16, 2020

With the rising popularity of online pharmacies, the competition is getting intense in India's retail pharmacy space. Be it online or offline, customers are now looking for experiences that are easier, personalised and quicker.

If you own a pharmacy store, your must-have companion is a feature-rich PoS that can help you streamline your checkout process, help you build your brand, automate your daily business operations, strengthen customer relationships, and capture customer feedback.

Why your pharmacy store needs a PoS?

Have you ever experienced long queues at your store just because the billing process was slow? Have you seen customers walking out of your store due to slow manual transactions through cash? Has there ever been a mismatch in your actual stock and inventory? Have you ever discarded medicines because they had expired? If yes, it's time to make a switch to a smart PoS that can help you manage your pharmacy business efficiently. Let us have a look at some important things to remember before buying a PoS for your pharmacy store:

#1. Faster payment processing

An ideal PoS must have the capability of processing payments faster and in a secure manner. Furthermore, it should easily accept multiple modes of payments thereby giving customers the convenience of transacting in their preferred mode.

#2. Inventory management

If you own a pharmacy store, you need to be extra careful about the stock keeping units or SKUs you own. An efficient PoS can help you in managing your inventory and daily business operations.

#3. Integrated Loyalty Program

Attracting new customers to your stores and rewarding loyal customers has become easier with a PoS. A good PoS helps you unlock detailed analytical data and insights into consumer behavior and business performance, using which you can build loyalty programs that suit your business needs.

#4. Ability to capture customer feedback

A smart PoS will come with the ability to capture customer feedback at the time of checkout and help you arrive at a NPS that you can use to realign store operations and make it better in line with the customer expectations.

We can help you find the right PoS for Pharmacy

If you are looking for a PoS with all the above-mentioned capabilities and more, Pine Labs' smart Android PoS, Plutus Smart is the right choice for you. Close sales faster, manage inventory, accept multiple modes of payments in a secure manner, capture customer feedback and strengthen your brand identity. Not only these, it integrates seamlessly with third-party business apps like GOFRUGAL available to help you do much more than just accept payments. Using the GOFRUGAL app, merchants can use the billing screen for quick and accurate checkouts, easily manage inventory, and carry out barcode scanning.

If your pharmacy store remains crowded at all times, now is the time to make the switch to a smart PoS like Plutus Smart. Contact us to know more.