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How to improve Customer Experience in retail stores

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By Akanksha Jain | January 24, 2020

Customers are an important focus area for any offline retail business, large or small. Retail merchants need to put their time and effort consistently on activities like Customer Acquisition, Retention and Engagement. This constant focus on Customer CARE is important for offline retailers, especially with the growing competition from other retailers as well as from e-commerce players. While new customer acquisition in retail comes at a heavy cost, it is a known fact that customer retention and engagement are big wins that the merchants can focus on to improve their profitability.

Ensuring a consistently positive in-store customer experience in retail can be made possible if the store owner has access to rich data insights about their customers. Sadly, this is not the case for many merchants, as the merchants do not have access to interesting data on customer spend, purchase history and the SKU-level real-time insights to manage their inventory well. This kind of data can be game changer for merchants and can go a long way to improve customer experience.

Since customer experience has gained paramount importance, merchants can look at the following ways to improve customer experience, irrespective of the size or the type of their retail store.

Smart POS with a range of features

- Invest in smart POS machines like Plutus Smart that not only help in payment acceptance, but also help in a number of ways to enhance business efficiency and customer experience. With Pine Labs, Android POS, you can enable your customers to choose the payment mode of their choice including digital payment options such as net banking, credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, loyalty points, etc. In addition, you can track customer feedback, offer EMIs and do a lot more than just accept digital payments. These easy-to-use POS machines will help get detailed insight of your point of sale data and help create a positive customer experience.

Capturing customer feedback

- Gone are the days of using long paper forms to gather feedback from your customers. Modern POS machines are equipped to quickly capture customer feedback during the checkout process. Getting insights on your customers' in-store experience will be the key in understanding customer behavior and enhancing customer experience. Getting data on how your customers view and interact with your brand/store will help you lead a positive customer-centric transformation.

Enabling easy EMIs for customers

- What if there was a way to offer the convenience of EMIs to your customers directly from a POS machine? Our Android-powered Plutus Smart is a good example of how you can quickly calculate and compare bank/brand EMI offers and share it with your customers. With the rise in purchasing power of the growing and aspirational middle class, big-ticket items like consumer durables and electronic gadgets can be made more affordable through the option of EMIs. This convenience of paying in EMIs is also available for debit card customers through the Pine Labs POS machines.

A positive in-store customer experience in retail will lead to repeat business from existing customers and therefore, it is in the best interest of merchants to focus on customer experience. Crafting a flawless customer experience in retail will not be easy without the power of analytical as these invaluable insights will know the shopping pattern of customers and help create personalized offers based on customer segmentation.

It is, therefore, important for retail merchants in India to go big with the idea of installing POS machines in their stores that can help them accept payments as well as capture real-time insights on their customers that they can access anytime, anywhere to make informed business decisions.

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