How billing apps on PoS machines are helping merchants boost profitability

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By Soumiya Awasthi | May 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on contactless modes of payments as both merchants and customers now prefer a contact-free interaction during the transaction process. Merchants are preferring acceptance of digital payments to keep their customers and themselves safe. One of our ePOS by Pine Labs users from a leading beauty and wellness company was quoted in a Business Standard article where he said that over 20 per cent of the transactions done during the lockdown were through Pine Labs' ePOS, our Android app.

Source: Business Standard

The fintech innovations that are happening now are making it easier for small and medium businesses to reap in the benefits of financial technology. One such interesting development is the seamless integration of third-party billing apps with the PoS terminal to expand capabilities.

The third-party billing apps that are available on Plutus Smart are a good example of how retailers can now do more than just accept payments on the PoS device.

Using these billing apps can help them track their inventory and increase sales. Some of the widely used third-party billing apps on Plutus Smart are Vyapar, QueueBuster, Snapbizz, InResto by Dineout, GOFRUGAL, Ginesys, and Perpule.

Let us have a look at how these third-party billing apps can help merchants boost profitability.

#1. Vyapar-

Retailers can track receivables and payables, manage inventory, create GST bills, send customised invoices, view business success reports, and send payment reminders to customers.

#2. QueueBuster-

This app has been built using Pine Labs' open API. Merchants can use QueueBuster to manage inventory, split payments, scan barcode, and run promotional campaigns and loyalty programs.

#3. Snapbizz-

Increase your sales by sending offer SMSs to your customers, ordering online from suppliers/wholsellers/distributors, managing stock, accepting multiple payment modes, generating instant GST reports and much more.

#4. InResto by Dineout-

A perfect solution for a restaurant business, InResto app is a technology provided by Dineout, a Times Group owned company. Use the app to manage orders using a single dashboard, setup and manage promo code campaigns, and integrate with online food ordering apps.


Using this app, merchants can easily manage inventory, use billing screen for quick and accurate checkouts, and carry out barcode scanning.

#6. Perpule-

This end-to-end billing solution helps merchants generate digital invoice, manage inventory and get insights on in-store analytics. Using these features, merchants can attract new customers, retain their loyal customers and boost their sales.

#7. Ginesys-

Using Ginesys, merchants can manage inventory, handle complex pricing, and run personalised promotions to attract customers.

These third-party billing apps have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of offline retailers. With smart features like GST billing and inventory management, these apps can help merchant across segments reduce business complexity, mitigate risk to a great degree, and boost profitability.