How Android PoS machines offer SMEs a competitive edge

Sunil Param : Head of Content and Communications at Pine Labs

By Sunil Param | April 24, 2020

Sunil Param is the Head of Content and Communications at Pine Labs.

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The advent of modern technology introduced the concept of cloud-based Android PoS devices in the business ecosystem. Whether you own a large or a small enterprise, Android PoS devices provide the competitive edge required to sustain in a competitive market. These Android PoS systems are safe and cost-effective, thereby, offering ease and flexibility of doing business with added benefits.

Four benefits of Android PoS terminal devices for small/micro businesses

Easy and automatic upgrades

Cloud-based Android PoS manages all upgrades automatically without any hassle. In case of an update, only one device requires download and the rest of the linked devices will be updated. This leads to less disruption and inconvenience to employees as they need not waste time on updating devices during work hours.

Centralised management for multiple locations

The added advantage offered by cloud-based Android PoS devices is flexibility. Small business owners can effectively manage their multiple locations remotely by analysing real-time transaction data. Actionable insights can help formulate strategies for each store and help increase profits in the process. This centralised management process allows you to interact with your workforce across locations to ensure everyone is aligned.

High-security standards

What matters above all to every businessman is data security. At Pine Labs, we are compliant with PCI-DSS information security standards. We take the issue of data security with the utmost seriousness it deserves.


Android PoS systems are akin to a mobile phone you use, i.e. they are portable. An Android PoS device empowers you to greet your valuable customers at their door. Small businesses can offer maximum customer satisfaction by developing a service-driven business model. Android PoS makes it possible for you to carry the PoS system to the client for payment. For example, if a senior citizen is shopping in your store and forgets her wallet in the car your store staff can take the PoS device to her car to offer her the added convenience.

Android PoS helps streamline small business operations

A smart Android PoS machine like Plutus Smart enables small businesses to effectively track sales, manage inventory, evaluate income & expenses, and get access to other invaluable data points. These devices can be integrated with third-party billing apps to get benefits of bookkeeping, payment management, and managerial duties into an automated system. These cloud-based systems operate on competitive costs with less intervention of manpower, thereby proving extremely beneficial for small businesses.

Mobile PoS devices are building a profitable future for SMEs

Android PoS is the future of the offline retail ecosystem. It has the power to integrate multiple functions into a single machine, making it easier for merchants to manage their business. Plutus Smart - an ergonomically designed Android PoS device by Pine Labs brings the entire point of sale in your hand. It accepts multiple payment modes from UPI, QR code, debit/credit card to loyalty points and e-wallets. The device delivers convenient connectivity through Wi-Fi and 4G for a seamless utility experience. Get an Android PoS device for your business and kickstart your journey to success.