Elevate the in-store shopping experience with Pay Later EMIs

Vinisha Kataria : Digital Content Manager at Pine Labs

By Vinisha Kataria | February 28, 2021

Vinisha is the Digital Content Manager at Pine Labs and brings with her, more than 10 years of professional experience.

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Elevate the in-store shopping experience with Pay Later EMIs

Are you finding it difficult to get customers to your store post-COVID-19? Would you like to increase your sales and boost your revenues by bringing more customers to your store? Are you looking for ways to enhance the in-store experience for your customers? Do you want to increase average spending and turn small checkout carts into big ones? If the answer to the above questions is a 'YES', then Pine Labs Pay Later is for you!

Our Pay Later EMI is an enticing proposition to get customers back to the stores, increase average ticket size and increase revenues. We have listed five reasons that make our 'Buy Now Pay Later' offering a must-have for your store.

Guilt-free shopping for your customers

COVID-19 has affected consumer buying behaviour adversely. Customers are putting their purchases on the back burner irrespective of their needs leading to a fall in consumer spending. Be it big-ticket items like washing machine, water purifier or a smartphone or something as necessary as clothes; they wouldn't want to buy anything that has the remote possibility of putting a dent in their monthly savings. Pine Labs Pay Later EMI enables you to make purchases affordable by dividing the purchase into monthly instalments.

The no-cost, zero paperwork proposition

When it comes to EMIs, the hefty interest rate and complicated paperwork ruins the experience. However, Pine Labs Pay Later EMIs can be availed in a few taps of the PoS device and are available on both debit and credit cards. In fact, the entire process can be completed in just 40 seconds leading to a great in-store shopping experience for your customers.

Since our Pay Later EMIs are available on both debit and credit cards, you don't have to turn a customer away. Just hand over the choice of making payments and choosing tenure back to your customers.

Available on your PoS device

Give your customers the option to choose Pay Later EMIs directly from your PoS device. The customer can pick their plan and tenure to pay on the payment terminal, imparting transparency and visibility to the entire process.

This frictionless and instant way of offering budget shopping for luxury products makes for your customers' enhanced in-store experience.

The power of upselling to you

Pine Labs Pay Later EMIs are the perfect option for your money-conscious customers and it can nudge them to buy the product they want and buy more, buy often from you. 'Buy Now Pay Later' gives your customers higher purchasing power and the flexibility to shop from your store. It is a convenient way of financing your customers and boosting revenues for your store.

Pay Later is for everybody!

We have partnered with top players in the retail, banking and NBFC space to make available for your customers attractive EMI offers, cashback and discounts. Be it watches, apparels, smartphones, laptops, and even cruise bikes. Your customers can't resist the convenience of Pay Later EMIs and also get cashback and discounts in the process.

If you want Pay Later EMI option for your store or have any queries you might have about our no-cost EMIs, please feel free to reach out to getstarted@pinelabs.com