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By Sanchit Agarwal | October 01, 2020

Do you use a credit card?

Even if the answer to that is No, you surely must be using a debit card. As you must be aware that today, banks across the spectrum provide reward points on transactions done using credit and debit cards. However, have you ever been able to use these points at an offline store to buy something? The answer to this is more than likely to be a No. Even if the answer is a Yes, the redemption process leaves much to be desired.

What if your customers could redeem their reward points at your store by simply swiping their card and then giving a Yes/No input to the question "Do you want to redeem reward points worth Rs X?" that automatically pops up on the Pine Labs terminal once the card is swiped.

Now, what if we did one better and told you that your customers would earn more reward points compared to customers shopping at a competitor brand. But hold on, we have more. What if we enabled this feature for 18 major card issuing banks in one go?

PaybyPoints by Pine Labs does all of the above and a lot more.

We bring to you 18 partner banks and save you the time and effort to go through the hassle of negotiating individually with each of them. We do the settlement for you to ensure you can focus on your business.

While there can be no doubt that PaybyPoints creates moments of customer delight, it also leads to business growth.

Our current PaybyPoints customers have seen growth from these three key avenues:

1. New Customer Acquisition

When a brand come onboard under PaybyPoints, our partner banks start marketing your brand to their customer base. This 360-degree marketing effort spans ATL, BTL and digital and results in new customers shopping at your brand outlets.

2. Increase in Average Transaction Value

In most cases, when a part of the purchase is going to be funded through points redemption, there is a propensity to go for premium offering instead of the value offering.

3. Increase in Customer Frequency

Once a customer has had a great experience at your outlet redeeming the loyalty points, he is more likely to return to your store to redeem his points and get the benefit of extra reward points.

Apart from the above listed benefits, PaybyPoints also helps small and medium offline brands compete with online marketplaces and benefit from tie ups with multiple banks and avail bank sponsored discounts.

As of today, PaybyPoints is live on some of the biggest brands across categories such as Electronics, QSR, Dining, Apparel, Footwear and FMCG.

So, do you want to join this growing list of marquee brands and grow your business with us? Write to us at