Athletes Sportspersons Second Innings FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - Pine Labs


FAQs Is there a minimum eligibility criterion?

We are looking to hire sportspersons who have competed at the national level for a minimum of one year and should have played at least five national-level tournaments.

Is this program restricted to a particular sport?

No sport has been excluded under this program.

Are para-athletes eligible to participate in this program?

Yes, para-athletes are eligible to participate. However, they too should have competed at the national level for a minimum of one year and should have competed in at least five national level tournaments.

What are the job profiles that are open for this program?

As a growing organization, Pine Labs offers opportunities across different functions such as Sales, Technology, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations. Depending on your interest and skill set, we will try to place you within the function and profile that best suits you within Pine Labs.

Are any technical skills required for applying?

We do not require candidates to possess any technical skills prior to joining. We will provide all requisite technical trainings as well as on-the-job training to ensure that you succeed in your job role.

Do I need to know English or any regional language to be selected?

While proficiency in English is desirable, it is not critical for several job profiles.

Is this a full-time job?

Yes, this is a full-time job opportunity.

Will I be required to come to office?

Depending on the needs of the role, you may be required to work from an office location. However, some roles may allow the flexibility to work from home or in a hybrid mode, keeping in mind restrictions due to COVID-19.

Will I be required to relocate to a different city?

We will try our best to place you in your city of choice but in case the role you’re interested in isn’t open in your current base city, you may need to relocate.

Will I be provided any training for the job?

Yes, depending on the role for which you are shortlisted, we will arrange the requisite classroom and on-the-job trainings to make sure you gain the skills needed to succeed.

What is the selection process?

After you apply, representatives from Pine Labs and NSF will get in touch with you to understand your background and your interests. There will be interviews to shortlist candidates who best fit the available openings. Selected candidates will be counselled on their options and placed in roles that align with their career interests and skill set.

How do I learn more about the company and this program?

Pine Labs and NSF will organize a web conference to talk more about the program and the organizations involved. Applicants will also get the chance to share their queries with the Pine Labs and NSF teams.

Are there any minimum education requirements?

While there are no strict educational requirements, preference will be given to candidates that have completed Class XII.

I am hesitant about joining the program as I do not understand all aspects and business. Would there be somebody to guide me?

Yes, there will be a ‘Buddy’ (think of them as your career coach) assigned to you to guide you along the way.