Bharat QR

on your Pine Labs’ POS & myPlutus App

Bharat Qr

Bharat QR Bharat QR Payment Acceptance

Bharat QR Code is a common Quick Response (QR) code standard supporting Visa, MasterCard and Rupay cards. Bharat QR code enables merchants to accept payments by scanning the QR code on your Pine Labs POS/EDC or myPlutus App without the need to enter bank account details.

Key Features

Bharat QR

Customers can link multiple Debit or Credit cards in their issuing bank app for making payments through Bharat QR

Bharat QR

QR code can be scanned through any issuing bank mobile apps supporting Bharat QR code functionality

Qr Code
Bharat QR

Receive instant notifications for payments received from customers through Bharat QR

Bharat QR

Benefits to Merchants

Enhance your payments acceptance capability & tap
the ever growing user base of Bharat QR


No Limits on accepting Money

There is no limit on the amount of money you can accept every


Safe & Secure

Secure way to accept credit & debit


Alternative Payment Mode

Tap customer’s not carrying their Debit/Credit


24*7 Seamless Transactions

Accept payments anytime of the day, via Pine Labs’ POS
or myPlutus app

How can you accept
payments at stores using Bharat QR?

Using QR Code (Available on POS & App)


Step 1.

Select Bharat QR on POS terminal or launch the myPlutus app & initiate Bharat QR transaction


Step 2.

Enter the amount on POS terminal or myplutus app


Step 3.

This generates a QR code on the POS terminal or smartphone (myPlutus App) which you can ask the customer to scan using any of their Bharat QR supported app


Step 4.

Customer’s enters the MPIN on his Bharat QR supported app and payment confirmation slip is printed from the POS terminal or confirmation screen is displayed on the myPlutus app after successful transaction

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