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At Pine Labs, we’re proud of the way our merchant platform makes an impact on our customers’ lives. And we work to extend that impact to communities around us. We empower our people to improve our world. Our employees volunteer to help people and organizations regularly.

At Pine Labs, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus is to contribute to the welfare and well-being of communities, especially underprivileged children, the differently-abled and the elderly. We also work to protect and improve the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and pursuing environmentally sustainable actions across all aspects of our operations.

Every year we support projects in the areas of

Improving living conditions and supporting education of underprivileged students

Improving lives of the differently-abled through medical and education-led interventions

Care for the elderly

Promoting efficient use and reuse of natural resources

CSR Activities

Every quarter, our employees visit Love Care Foundation, a non-profit organization that works towards the care of socially- and economically-deprived underprivileged children. In October 2018, we were partners in opening of a new study center and making it fully functional in the Kaushambhi district of Uttar Pradesh. Our employees conducted sessions among students about computer education.

On Children’s Day, these children spent a day at our office. The little ones enjoyed a meal with Pine Labs’ employees and participated in various games, in singing and dance performances. This helped them with new learning experiences.

Working with differently-abled children

On Friendship Day, our employees visited the Noida Deaf Society, a not-for-profit organization working for empowerment of speech- and hearing-impaired children and youth. Study material, school and stationery supplies were distributed at the center in August 2018. Our employees learnt sign language to communicate with them during the distribution. The children loved it!

Supporting the elderly

On Grandparents Day, our employees visited an old age home. Guru Vishram Ashram has served over 4,000 elderly in the past 14 years. Our employees served a special breakfast to the inmates. After breakfast, our employees spent quality time interacting with the elderly and listening to their stories. Our employees also distributed health care supplies.

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